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  • أدعيه ضد الحسد و العين
    أقوى واجمل ادعية للتحصين ضد العين والحسد
  • City Rush - Endless Adventure
    City Rush – Endless Adventure is the most addictive 3D car traffic game ever!
    L2T International, a L2T subsidiary, is a mobile value added service company with a focus on the mobile applications. It offers branded and white label App Store platformsYasmine Market, as well as a range of tools and services capable of catering to a wide range of devices, to help them benefit from the mobile app revolution that is transforming the ways consumers use their mobile.
    Through our know how, we build your App Store with accuracy, technical mastery and efficiency, developing tightly targeted applications into the hearts and minds of the end user. 
    Yasmine Market platform supports Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Java applications. Smartphone and Tablet Users can access the store via a website, mobile web and an on-device (native App Store) Client.

    Yasmine Market white label Application Store platform allows Handset Manufacturers, Operators, Distributors to receive revenue share from their Application Store sales. It is designed to provide seamless shopping experience and predictive App discovery.
    Yasmine Market White Label Application Store Platform support major payment methods (Credit Card, PayPal, Electronic Wallet, SMS Micropayment) and it, is easily integrated with the billing back-end of Mobile Operators.

    Our App Store platform offers a full set of services for Handset Manufacturers, Operators and Distributors :
    • White Label Application Stores with required look-and-feel customization
    • Application Store Hosting and Management
    • Content Management
    • Store localization to multiple languages
    • Application Ratings and Reviews
    • Customer Care Interface
    • Yasmine Market Developer Program
    • On-device, website and Mobile web portal customization
    • Integration with local payment systems, billing back-end of Mobile Operators, support of all currencies
    Mobile AppsSMS CorporateSMS VASMy requirement
    • IPhone Apps development
    • Android Apps development
    • SMS Gateway
    • SMS Banking
    • SMS Stock Ex
    • Email 2 SMS
    • SMS Micropayment
    • SMS API
    • SMS Messaging Solution
    • Web SMS
    • SMS Marketing
    • Interactive SMS
    • Social SMS
    • SMS Alert
    • SMS Content & Entertainment
    • SMS Marketing
    • SMS Alert
    • Contact via SMS
    • Interconnexion SMS/SI
    • Bulk SMS
    • SMS+
    • Sending SMS by HTTP
    • Bulk SMS from EXCEL file
    • Customizing the Sender
    • Campaign Management